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30 second: Use and Application Video Exercises Energy Oils:  PerkUp, BloodFire, ReLube & Illuminar

improved energy vitality, pain relief, reduce inflammation clarity, faster recovery supports sleep and calm
BloodFire -- Airborne Bacteria, Germs and Anti-Viral
BloodFire -- Teeth & Gum Canal
BloodFire/ReLube  -- Foot Circulation Tingling Nerves
BloodFire -- Surf Cuts, Bruising
BloodFire -- Pre-Post Surgery
PerkUp -- Anxiety & Stage Fright
PerkUp -- Energy and Focus
PerkUp -- Nausea/Motion Sickness
ReLube -- Sleep, Panic Anxiety & Relaxation
Illuminar -- Mediteranean Skin, Bath, Massage and Tanning Oil
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